Tea isn’t only good for drinking—it has many beauty and relief benefits, too!
Sunburns & Bug Bites
For widespread sunburns, throw a couple of teabags into a cold or lukewarm (not too hot!) bath to remove the sting. Or, gently dab a refrigerated teabag directly onto the burn for instant relief. The same is true for bug bites— a little tea can stop a lot of itching!
Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes, & Bruises
Using either warm or refrigerated teabags, sit back and relax with two teabags over your eyes for about 20 minutes to revitalize. Tannins and caffeine will help to reduce the puffiness by constricting blood vessels. Similar methods may be used to speed recovery for pink eye infections. Additionally, bruises may heal faster if you let them soak up some tea tannins.
Blisters, Pimples, & Boils
Rubbing a teabag over blisters, pimples, and boils will help to naturally dry out the affected area. For boils, leave the bag on overnight and it will drain painlessly and naturally. Be sure to rinse afterward!
Razor Burn & Shaving Nicks
Similar to sunburns, applying a wet teabag directly to razor burns and shaving nicks can help ease the pain.
Dry Hair, Skin, & Lips
While tea dries out acne, it is miraculous for hydrating your skin and lips (especially green tea varieties). Add some tea to your bath for smooth, silky skin. Rubbing tea in your hair will also add shine and make it more manageable; however, be aware that tea can stain hair, so if you’re a light blonde, be careful which types of tea you choose.
Smelly Feet
Letting your feet soak for 20-30 minutes in a tea bath daily will help minimize stinky feet and kill bacteria.
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